NEW FlexFilm™ Technology Breathe Easier with AltaFlex®

Designed For Better Sleep

FlexFilm™ Technology

The next generation of CPAP tubing that eliminates stiffness and bend memory. AltaFlex® tubing moves effortlessly with you during sleep.

Less Leaks = Better Sleep!

Engineered materials provide supple flexibility to keep the mask in place, minimizing mask leaks which provides better therapy and better sleep!

Ergonomic Cuffs

The cuff is designed with you in mind. Cuff contours allow for a natural, ergonomic grip to easily connect or disconnect to your machine and mask.

15mm and 19mm Sizes Available

15mm Slim-Bor™ and 19mm Standard-Bor™ diameters are both available in 6 ft. lengths. A latex-free cuff provides universal fit to most CPAP machines. Ask your sleep specialist which one is right for you!

Sleek and Modern

An elegant satin white visually sets AltaFlex apart from all the others. Blending naturally with any bedroom décor.

Proven Quality

  • Made 100% in the USA
  • AltaResp® sets the Industry Standard for Comfort
  • Durable Design and Excellent Flexibility
  • Available in 15mm and 19mm Sizes
  • A simple, sleek design to blend with any room

Your Rest is Assured

Made 100% in the USA

This means you can sleep well knowing we maintain the highest standards of quality with no counterfeit materials… EVER!  We are FDA registered and CE Marked which means you can be confident we have your safety in mind.

Innovation and Experience

We have over 30+ years designing and manufacturing tubing for Respiratory Care markets all over the world. We uphold our patented technologies and continue to be a leader in the industry.


We are committed to manufacturing in America and driving innovation to bring you the latest, safest and best quality products in the market!